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30 May 2012 @ 04:05 pm
Student: Satomi Noda
Assigned theme: Death
Other information: Crossover with Angel Beats!

She wasn't quite sure what she had been expecting the afterlife to be like, but it certainly wasn't a high school campus.

And she certainly hadn't expected to arrive in the midst of a battle between several high school students. Satomi had felt herself groan. It figured that she would go from one instance of students killing each other to another. The situation seemed strange, though. It appeared to be several students attacking one girl, rather than everyone fighting each other.

"Noda, she's distracted!" A girl wearing a headband and a hat (who seemed to be the leader) barked. "You need to strike now!"

Satomi was confused. What did the girl want her to do? It wasn't until a boy who appeared to have purple hair stood up with a halberd in his hands and a grin on his face.

"Sure thing, Yurippe!" He exclaimed before charging.

The battle had ended in a failure to kill the girl, but Satomi eventually got an explanation: She was in the afterlife, all right, and the group led by Nakamura Yuri (nicknamed "Yurippe") was rebelling against God for giving them such short lives. The girl they had been fighting was the Student Council President, Angel, who worked for God and was trying to force them to behave like normal students.

Satomi was not the only person from her class who had ended up there.

Among them were Izumi, Fumiyo, Shimizu Hirono and Yahagi Yoshimi... It seemed like at least half the class had shown up.

Surprisingly, Yuka was nowhere to be seen. Chisato was, however, and it had taken both Matsushita and Takamatsu, two of the strongest boys in Yuri's group to pull them off of each other.

It wasn't like Satomi had wanted to kill her. She'd panicked. And it wasn't like she didn't feel guilty about it. It didn't really occur to her just how easy it was to kill someone until she'd shot Chisato.

"Alright, I don't care how your lives ended!" Yuri had shouted as the two of them struggled to get out of Matsushita and Takamatsu's holds. "It doesn't change the fact that you're dead, and you're here now!"

It was true. Fighting and killing each other now wouldn't do either of them any good (plus, if what they'd been told was true, they'd just revive within a few minutes).

Yuri offered to accept Satomi and her fellow students of class 3-B into the Afterlife Battlefront.

"Everyone seems pretty friendly..." Fumiyo whispered to Satomi as they discussed whether or not to accept. "And I admit, I am pretty mad about how abruptly I was killed."
"Yoji and I were just talking about how we'd try to escape together!" Yoshimi pounded her fist into her other hand. "Right, Yoji?"

Kuramoto Yoji nodded.

It was strange how easily Satomi agreed to join. She'd always been a bit of a stickler for the rules, always studying to get into a good high school, good college, etc.

But that future had been taken away from her. She could no longer read manga, or study, or get into high school or college. She couldn't grow up, meet a wonderful man and get married or have children. All because fate had placed her class in the Program.

Well, if life wouldn't accept Noda Satomi, she might as well have some fun in the afterlife.

Student: Hiroshi Kuronaga
Assigned theme: Competitivity
Other information: Fun fact: The reason it's taken me so long to write this particular theme is because I couldn't find the word "competitivity" in the dictionary.

He wasn't smart enough to be a top student, and he wasn't athletic enough to be a top athlete. It was frustrating. His older brothers were a genius and a jock. But Hiroshi wasn't blessed like they were.

"It's true that maybe you can't be a top athlete, Yuko, but anyone can do well on the tests if they study hard enough." He'd heard the class rep, Utsumi say to Sakaki behind him one day. He almost turned around and told her to go fuck herself, because trying hard didn't amount to shit. Anyone who succeeded did so because they were predisposed to being smart or strong. Everyone else was just resigned to be crushed underneath their feet.

It was just by chance that he'd seen Kiriyama's gang one day. He hadn't been looking for a fight, but apparently some punks from a nearby school had been. Hiroshi had been standing nearby, and they'd thought he was one of them.

Obviously, they'd won. They'd had Kiriyama with them, after all. Still, it had felt good when Sasagawa had slapped him on the back and said "Nice right hook!"

The truth was that the guy had just gotten distracted, and Hiroshi had taken advantage of the opportunity to punch him. Sasagawa had simply glanced in their direction when it happened. That was all.

Still, even a compliment based on a coincidence was better than nothing at at all. Being known as a delinquent was better than being known for nothing. Maybe hanging around Kiriyama wouldn't be so bad.

Hiroshi still felt that it was better than nothing, even when Kiriyama filled him with bullets. He'd waited for Sasagawa to leave, and followed him to the meeting place, but he never deluded himself into thinking he could escape or win.

Kuronaga Hiroshi was, after all, a nobody.

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Tallulahversipellis on May 31st, 2012 07:51 pm (UTC)
I don't know Angel Beats at all, but I think the idea fits Satomi quite well - and the concept of the Program in general!

And the second one is cool - I have a soft spot for average!Hiroshi fics.
animenutcase: Keiichiism. Spork yeah!animenutcase on June 4th, 2012 05:53 pm (UTC)
It's... a pretty interesting series. I just hope I was able to get the basic story of Angel Beats across without getting to much into it. The story is about Satomi, after all, not the Afterlife Battlefront.

The closest thing we get to characterization for Hiroshi is that he's a "nobody" who mostly just hangs around Kiriyama's gang rather than being a fully integrated member. It can be tricky writing for characters like that, but maybe that in and of itself is what makes Hiroshi unique.

Tallulahversipellis on June 6th, 2012 05:10 pm (UTC)
I think I got the gist - I felt like the story focused more on the BR side of things, which felt appropriate.

Yes, I thought I remembered that from the novel. You did it well, turning it into a fic!