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23 April 2012 @ 08:28 am
Two more!  
Student: Keita Iijima
Assigned theme: WILDCARD/Follow The Leader
Other information: None, really.

Whether or not it was a good thing, Keita had spent his whole life following others. His father was like that, too. He never spoke up at work whenever he had reservations about something. Even when it was obvious that whatever his co-workers wanted to do would lead to disaster. And when that inevitably happened, his father would just shrug. Iijima Kouta was simply not meant to be a leader. As a result, neither was his son.

Keita had been drawn to Shinji from the very beginning. Mimura Shinji practically bled confidence and leadership, though he had to admit that he was extremely irresponsible, which was probably why he wasn’t chosen as a class rep, but really, who would want to be a class rep, anyway?

Still, with Shinji, it was a double-edged sword. That same confidence occasionally led to some fights, and some of those fights were clearly avoidable to anyone with a working brain. On that afternoon at the arcade, Keita saw those punks picking a fight. They were just common street thugs. It was obvious that Shinji would be able to take care of them himself. So Keita decided to hang back and make himself scarce until the fight was over. He tried to play it cool, but he could tell that Shinji knew that he’d stayed away on purpose.

But did that really excuse Shinji distancing himself from him after that? Was it really that bad for Keita to try to make his own decisions?

Keita wouldn’t get his answer until May of their third year of junior high.

Student: Mayumi Tendou
Assigned theme: Detainment
Other information: Third and final part of my Kazuhiko/Sakura/Mayumi series. Yeah. This is not a combo I'd expected to make.

Tendou Mayumi was not having a good day. First she’d gotten a bad score on the exam, then the person she’d agreed to meet over the phone turned out to be an undercover cop. That was what she got for trying to be more like Souma Mitsuko. Mayumi didn’t exactly admire Mitsuko, she just respected Mitsuko’s utter disregard for rules and societal norms. That was why she started phone dating in the first place.

Well, this was certainly the last time Mayumi would agree to actually go to a hotel with someone. Phone sex was much safer.

It felt awkward waiting in detention for her mother. The officer who was supposed to be watching her had gone off somewhere, leaving her alone in this small room with white all over. And Mayumi did not like being trapped in small places, especially not alone.

She wasn’t claustrophobic by any stretch of the imagination; she simply got an uneasy feeling from small places. It made her feel trapped. Like there was nothing she could do but be still. Mayumi hated that feeling. The white walls didn’t help. It made her feel like she was in an asylum.

Mayumi knew that she was sane. So if the white walls of the detainment room made her feel like she’d go crazy, how would an actual crazy person react? Mayumi shuddered at the thought.

Just as Mayumi began to think she would snap, she heard a commotion. She glanced out the window on the door to see a rowdy young man being escorted into the building by an officer.

Oh. So that’s where the cop watching her had gone.

As the officer and the boy moved closer to the door, Mayumi realized that the boy was in fact her classmate, Yamamoto Kazuhiko.

Mayumi gave a small smirk as she sat back down. Well, it wasn't much, but it was one way to cure boredom.

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Tallulahversipellis on April 24th, 2012 03:10 pm (UTC)
Awww, I always like fics exploring Mayumi's life. And the Keita one's excellent - very good portrayal of the other side of the story.
animenutcaseanimenutcase on April 25th, 2012 04:12 am (UTC)
Mayumi is another one of those characters that is fun to explore. And I understand that Keita probably wasn't supposed to come across as sympathetic, but somehow this story came out that way.

Thank you!