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13 April 2012 @ 11:31 am
One Lighthouse Girl to go!  
Student: Yuko Sakaki
Assigned theme: Common Sense
Other information: Eh, not really.

“Is it just the three of us today?” Yuko looked curiously at Satomi and Noriko, who were sitting under the tree. “I thought Yukie was going to be eating with us?”

Yuko knew that Chisato was attending a wedding, Haruka was at a volleyball tournament, and Yuka was out with a nasty cold, but Yukie had been in class that morning.

“She was going to, but Motobuchi came rushing out here and dragged her to the student council meeting she’d forgotten about.” Satomi said simply as she opened her lunchbox. “Honestly, for such a responsible girl, she has no common sense.”

“Now, now…” Noriko said gently. “Yukie works harder than almost anyone I know. It should be okay for some things to slip her mind occasionally.”

“By the way, Yuko…” Satomi glanced at Yuko with a curious look on her face. “Where’s your lunch?”


Yuko had been in such a hurry to get to the tree that she’d forgotten it in the classroom. She quickly apologized to Satomi and Noriko before heading inside.

As she approached the classroom, she suddenly heard a loud noise. It sounded like a musical instrument. A guitar, perhaps?

She peered into the classroom. Standing near the front by the window was Nanahara Shuuya. In his hands was an old-looking guitar, one that he was playing like he didn’t have a care in the world. Didn’t he know that he could get in trouble for playing that in school? Or at all?

“Shuuya, you might want to knock it off. You’re scaring the lady.” A voice said suddenly from within the classroom, in a part that Yuko couldn’t see. Startled, Yuko jumped away from the door.

The voice laughed and Yuko heard footsteps before the door opened. As it turned out, the voice belonged to Kuninobu Yoshitoki, Shuuya’s best friend. Oh, that made sense. The two were almost always together.

“I forgot my lunch and why are you playing the guitar?” Yuko stammered before she could stop herself, her face turning red as soon as she realized how strange she had sounded.

“I mean, it’s against school rules… And it’s illegal!” Yuko quickly explained when Shuuya and Yoshitoki gave her odd looks. “It’d be better to at least save it for when you’re at home… Common sense, you know?”

She gave them a nervous grin. Shuuya laughed.

“Music is supposed to be heard, you know?” He said with a smile that was downright dazzling. “Besides, Mimura’s always saying that common sense is dead. I don’t see any point in not making music because of some stupid law.”

“I think what Elvis is trying to say is that he enjoys making music and isn’t going to stop doing what he loves just because the law tells him to, even if it doesn’t make sense to.” Yoshitoki grinned.

Yuko was surprised. If what she’d heard from the girls was true, Shuuya had been an excellent baseball player in elementary school, but that he’d suddenly quit. Was there some deeper reason for that?

“Sakaki, is this your lunch?” Yuko was snapped out of her thoughts by Shuuya, who she realized had walked over to her desk and pulled her lunch out.

“P-please don’t look in other peoples’ desks without permission!” Yuko exclaimed as she stormed over and yanked it out of his hand.

“Sorry, sorry…” Shuuya laughed again. “Have a good lunch.”

Yuko was still flustered as she left the classroom, but there was a slight bounce in her step the rest of the way back to the tree.

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Tallulahversipellis on April 13th, 2012 07:24 pm (UTC)
Awwww, that's adorable. And I really like the use of the theme!
animenutcaseanimenutcase on April 16th, 2012 01:05 pm (UTC)
Thank you. I really enjoyed writing this one.