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02 April 2012 @ 08:44 am
First post of the year for the fourth time!  
Student: Shinji Mimura
Assigned theme: Murderer
Other information: Blends the manga and novel verses.

Mimura Shinji had thought the term “murder” was very subjective. Logically, it referred to the unlawful killing of another person. If someone was killed in self-defense, it was just that: A killing. If someone was killed by the government, it was an execution (or at least within the realm of the law).


That was a laugh.

The government hadn’t bothered to really investigate Shuuya’s parents before they’d been in a “car accident”. They hadn’t bothered to investigate Ogawa Seiichi before they’d gone to his house and shot him in front of his family.

(Oh yes. Shinji knew about Sakura’s father. The Ogawa family were neighbors of one of his relatives, and he’d heard one of them gossip about it with his mother. Jeez, didn’t the family have a right to grieve without their neighbors blabbing about it?)

And of course, there was his uncle. Shinji had to admit, there might have been more evidence to show that his uncle was involved in illegal activities against the government. But that was no reason to shoot him in his own bar.

For all his intelligence, there were certain aspects of the world that Shinji saw in black and white. There were some killings that were justified, but what had been done to his uncle, Shuuya’s parents, and Sakura’s father were not among them.

Shinji isn’t sure what made him think of that as he saw Keita’s body fall. Then again, he’d just killed someone. He really shouldn’t be that surprised.

It had been an accident. He hadn’t meant to shoot him. His aim had been thrown off. He was worried about Yutaka’s safety. He’d thought that Keita meant them harm. So what if he’d thrown his knife away? You’d be surprised at how much damage you can do with just your hands, even if Keita was a wimp who couldn’t punch to save his life. Yes, killing him had been entirely justified.

So why did part of Shinji feel like he was just making excuses?

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Tallulahversipellis on April 13th, 2012 07:52 pm (UTC)
*nods* I think it was an accident, but an accident born of arrogance. But I like that Shinji does mess up and do that - I think it's then a really interesting ensuing scene.