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28 October 2011 @ 12:21 pm
Student: Hirono Shimizu
Assigned theme: Paranoia
Other information: My unbridled love for Higurashi strikes again! Please pretend Battle Royale takes place in the late eighties or early nineties for this story. Also, Musical Dissonance FTW.

Back when she and her parents actually got along, they'd go to all sorts of different places. One of the places Hirono remembered the most vividly was a village in the Gifu prefecture. Some of her relatives lived there and every year in June, there was a festival. Hirono loved the games and the food. To this day the head priestess's dance is burned into her mind. One year, Hirono's distant cousin, Mion, introduced her new friend, Keiichi. Mion's sister Shion snickered and told Hirono that Mion had a crush on him. Hirono laughed. Keiichi was nice and all, but he was still a boy, and everyone knew that boys had cooties.

That was the last year that Hirono saw the festival. A couple days after they got back home, Hirono saw her mother watching the news with an intense expression. When she saw Hirono had arrived, she switched the TV off. Despite Hirono's questions about what she was watching, her mother refused to answer. The following year, any questions about when they were going to see the Watanagashi festival were ignored. It wasn't until several years later that Hirono learned about the Great Hinamizawa Gas Disaster.

She never trusted her parents again.

Her parents had lied to her about what had happened in Hinamizawa. They'd lied about what had happened to their family. If her own parents had lied to her, what about the people around her?

She scoffed when she heard Hiroki Sugimura say he was going to take martial arts. Everyone knew he was a total crybaby. The thought of him actually hitting people was laughable.

In her heart, she didn't even trust Mitsuko and Yoshimi. Yoshimi was a loyal friend, sure, but Hirono was never sure what was going on in her head (plus, she suspected that lately she was more loyal to her boyfriend than her friends). Mitsuko couldn't be trusted for obvious reasons.

"Together we can get past this. Together."

Nanahara was a nice guy. Even Hirono could see that. She genuinely wanted to think he was being truthful. However, the cynic in Hirono was telling her that it was for the best that they got separated. She couldn't trust anyone outside of the Program, so why would she be able to trust anyone in the Program?

Plus, her neck was starting to itch.
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Madfreylikeatruck on October 28th, 2011 08:44 pm (UTC)
Love Higurashi. :D Great job working that in!