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14 July 2011 @ 07:44 am

Student: Kazushi Niida
Assigned theme: The Ghettos
Other information: This one comes almost four months after my last story because of Persona 4, Detective Conan, and Ao No Exorcist. Mood music was badly needed.

Kazushi fancied himself a rather tough guy. He could totally take on Kiriyama and his gang. He just had his own reasons for not doing so.

Kazushi understood the underground of the city. There were places for men to earn their living in this area and places for women to earn their living. Bitches and whores and all that. His mother happened to be one of them. Kazushi had, on more than one occasion, accidentally walked in on her when she was "serving" a customer. Yeah, that was more than a little awkward. Why she didn't bother going to a hotel was anyone's guess. If the "customers" were paying her, then surely they'd be able to afford a hotel room? Now that Kazushi thought about it, he'd never seen any of his mother's "customers" give her money.

 He didn't really understand what his father did for a living other than that he was a "very nice man". Kazushi thought about asking what he thought about his mother's work, but decided that would be a bad idea, for whatever the reason.

Kazushi met all kinds of strange people in the area where he lived. Some of the people were illegal immigrants (why did they come to a country that was a totalitarian dictatorship? Who knows?), some were being raised by single mothers (one of his classmates, Kotohiki Kayoko, was being raised by a single mother, but she didn't fall into that category. Her parents weren't married, but her father took care of her and her mother, as she vehemently explained when Kazushi brought this up). 

Now that Kazushi thought about it, he thought he'd seen Tendou Mayumi in that area once or twice. Weird.

It wasn't entirely uncommon for Kazushi to hear gunshots ringing late at night. When he was little, he'd count the number of gunshots he'd hear in one night. He'd wonder what was going on, the circumstances behind whatever was happening. As he got older, he stopped wondering. The gunshots were simply a part of his life. There was no need to concern himself over them.

You'd think being used to gunfire would have prepared Kazushi for the Program, but it didn't. He barely held back from screaming when he saw the corpse of his teacher, and he didn't bother holding back when Kuninobu was shot. Huh. Wasn't he supposed to be some tough guy? Still, that didn't stop him from killing Akamatsu as soon as he left, so maybe his homelife did him some good (if you can call it that).

Only a little, though.
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Tallulahversipellis on July 14th, 2011 06:16 pm (UTC)
Cool slice of life fic. And the ending's good.
animenutcase: Keiichiism. Spork yeah!animenutcase on July 15th, 2011 01:07 pm (UTC)
Thank you! Niida is really hard to write, since we don't see much of him besides creepy would-be rapist and jock. And we don't even see that much of the jock part. I tried to give him some depth, but I didn't want to give him a Freudian Excuse.
Tallulahversipellis on July 16th, 2011 11:52 am (UTC)
He is, especially the manga version. I thought there was a nice mix here of innocence and experience, which suited him.